Monday, 25 June 2012

Edgy fashion shoot

Greetings from sunny Malta,

The time to the next fashion shoot event is coming closer, just over a week now till we get a number of models back in and it goes all busy again. Over the last few days we enjoyed the sunshine and on Saturday we managed to do a shoot. Model was makeup artist Roseanna who jumped for a change in front of the camera after doing her own makeup. We were shooting in the garage which has a long dark corridor and gave a quite dark look. To really push it we used two lights, one from the front with a blue colour gel and one from behind with a red coloured gel. Air was quite sticky as there wasn't any wind at all and floor and wall were real dusty which worked well for the look we went for, a dark, dirty look.

It was a bit of a challenge to work on such small space, standing upright didn't work, hiding cables so they aren't in the image and placing yourself between lights.

Besides this fashion shoot, we went on a small walk the other day and were shooting some landscape and close up shots of various things. I was shooting on both my Iphone as well as my SLR just to get a different look and angle. Below as well some of those images.

For more information come and check out my webpage or email me directly. For more information on the fashion photography events click here.

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