Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Band photoshoot, actor shot and Salon Prive


it has been  a while since the last post so now I have some catching up to do... so today some images of various shoots from the last few days.
First of, on Friday I did a shoot with actor and model Danny Parsons, idea was to get some more moody black and white shots. We had around 2 hours so we played around with various lighting, however one of my favourite set ups must have been the 2 light set up with light from behind and then some as well with a beauty dish above Danny. The image below is one of my favourite ones from the shoot and I think it works well in black and white.

Then the next then shoot was at Amika London with new Girl Band Monroe with the 3 girls Kelly, Katie and Katy and main makeup artist Nina. We had some great latex clothing and we wanted to have a more dominatrix feel to it. We shot at various spots in the club incl. in a cage. As some of the images will be used for a new online fashion magazine I can only show a teaser shot to show what kind of images you can expect at least from one location. On the specific setting below I had a softbox slightly behind the models as well as another light behind them to create more of a hot spot. An umbrella to my left gave the fill light on their faces.

Today then was a day out at Salon Prive, an exclusive car show at Syon Park sponsored by Amika. After a rainy start the sun finally came out and we had a chance to walk around and look at the cars. I found myself looking more at the details of the cars and doing close up shots rather than shots of the entire car. The 2 pictures below are of a blue Bugatti and the other one is an old Aston Martin. I actually think the rain added a nice look but I would like to hear your opinion as well.


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