Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fashion on the streets

Yesterday I did a fashion shoot with model Janine and new designer Anastasia for her winter collection. Setting was the back streets of Canary Wharf and with the evening sun going down we had some great natural light to work with.
To get the more vintage feel the designer was after, I shot most of the pictures with f2.8 to get the blured out backdrop. Towards the end of the shoot with all direct sunlight gone, we used one flashgun on a low power positioned of camera to still get a natural sunlight feel.
It was great to be able to use most the time natural light on a day were in the beginning it looked like we might have to call shoot of because of rain.
The images below are just a few of my favourite shots, again just edited slightly on Lightroom, changing contrast, saturation and exposure.

Big thank you to all involved.


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