Saturday, 30 July 2011

Group shots


sorry, its been again a while but had some busy days and just didnt get into updating my blog.
last big shoot i did was with 3 guys, david, oliver and james at a great warehouse location that i used before.
the shots have been edited in lightroom (contrast, exposure and curves) and then david did a bit more editing on his side incl the page design of the shots.
some of the shots have been with a 3 light set up, 2 slightly behind them and one in front and some of the shots were taken with the help of some natural sun light playing with the shaddows.

now i have a few more busy days ahead of me... today shooting a small wedding to follow by a night at amika, tomorrow editing. monday depending on weather (and model) a sport/ running shoot, tue a location fashion shoot with a frensh model that is in london for 2 days only. then on thu there is a balloon flashmob in the city at 12:30 where i will take pictures (message me if you want more information about that) and then fri sat amika plus a wedding on saturday on top....
so hopefully i will be able to show you at least a few of the upcoming shots

have a nice weekend


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