Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sandbanks Beach Polo

A long and busy week is now over... after I had a number of shoots last week I left on Thursday for Sandbanks to cover the polo event on Friday and Saturday. The party shots will be on the Amika facebook page soon, so here just a few shots of the actual sporting event as well as a number of shots from the British beach volleyball that is currently competing to get to be the first British beach volleyball team at the Olympic games.
Friday was still a more relaxing day, then Saturday started at 9am and I finished at 1am, then got up early to shoot an engagement party in North London all day Sunday and then on Monday morning I got picked up early for a shoot in Portsmouth where I spent the entire day and got back on Tuesday afternoon. So now its editing time... on the polo and volleyball shots I changed contrast, exposure and saturation. All shots were taken during the games besides the volleyball shots with the dark background wich were shot with one off camera flash.

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