Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sport and fitness shoot

On Monday I did a sport and fitness shoot with model and dancer Diana.
In the beginning we were worried as forcast predicted rain for Monday but we had great weather all day long. We met at 10am and headed over to location equiped with a huge suitcase full of sport equipment and ended up shooting till 6pm.
We started of with some simple standing and running shots, then did some golf, volleyball, boxing, football, yoga, dance and fitness.
Most the time I used my 3 flash set up to get the look I wanted for the shoot.
The colours of the outfits Diana took worked well with the blue sky and with a bit of lightroom the colours pop out well.

The shots below were edited in Lightroom, incl. curves, contrast, saturation, colour mixer, exposure and some other changes.

Looking forward to hear some of your feedback.
Big thank you again to Diana for a great shoot.


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  1. I am really happy and honored to work with such a professional like you! Thank you so much for an inspiring and fun shoot and great pictures!