Monday, 22 August 2011

'Vans Downtown Showdown' Skate Competition

On Saturday 20/08/11 I went to another sporting event in London, this time it was the Vans Downtown Showdown skate competition. The competitors faced 3 different challenges and after a rainy start into the day the big ramp outside dried up and allowed the skaters to go. As I came a bit later I missed the first part and for the 2nd part I didn't have the best spot, however with the last one I had a good view on at least one part of the ramp to capture some high jumps incl. Rob Smith 180 nose blunt from the top that gave him 3rd prize for the day.
Wee Man was as well at the event, however he didn't take part but he was still running around with his board.

The shots were all taken with my 40D as my main focus on this was speed and with 6 frames a sec. it enabled me to capture the movement. To get close I used the 70-200 and I was shooting with a fast shutter so there was as little motion blur as possible.

Se here you go. Any comments/ feedback welcomed


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