Friday, 4 May 2012

Fashion Shoot


weather in UK hasn't been very kind to us lately, so now I am really looking forward to a weeks trip to Malta in June, assisting and shooting at a photography workshop (one space left for trip in June, so if interested message me - email at the end).
But besides the rainy days I managed to do a shoot with a girl I have met at Alternative Fashion Week, Tonya... AFW gave her a taste of modelling and we then arranged her first actual shoot. One of her friends was helping with the clothes and we had makeup artists Claire Mould to do the makeup.
We started in a small private park next door and then moved inside later on to escape the rain and the cold.
Everyone did great and it was a nice and relaxed shoot, and I am real proud of Tonya, she did great for her first shoot.
Outdoors I wanted to have a real soft look to the pictures so was shooting on F2.8 most the time and I was using a small octa softbox to give me some extra light and compensate for the missing sunlight.
Inside I then used again the softbox plus one extra light against the ceiling to get to bit more light and less shadow in the back.
I did the post production in Lightroom, changed some exposure, saturation, contrast and few other adjustments.

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