Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Street Basketball


Another rainy day in London, so got some time to catch up with showing some work from previous shoots. Today, will be showing you a few shots I took a few weeks ago (when it was still nice and warm and sunny) with model and athlete Katya.
We had the shoot planned for a day earlier but than postponed it as weather wasn't good. A day after, sunshine and we met up last minute to do the shoot. We wanted some urban edgy sport/ basketball shots and I wanted to use this location which I have seen a few years ago. I liked the cranes in the backdrop giving it a industrial look and it was quite isolated so no to many cars came by so we were able to shoot on the street.
Looking outside now, I cannot believe that this was actually just a few weeks ago, warm enough to shoot in t-shirt and now its back to warm jacket.
The shoot itself was fun though due to the speed often not easy to capture. I realised that its best to capture the ball when it is touching the hand otherwise it quickly looks like the ball is just falling down. I had 3 lights set up plus a strong sunlight which I took advantage of. So one light was from the front on her face, 1 from the side and the 3rd was pointed down at her legs so that they didn't disappear in the shadow.
For the last few shots without ball I used mainly the natural light though on a few shots I had a small flash as fill light.
Images have been edited in Lightroom but not been retouched.

Big thanks again to Katya for a fun shoot.

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  1. Yes we were so lucky with the weather! :) Thank you Moritz for this nice shoot.