Thursday, 5 April 2012

The future of photography and video?


I still remember my first digital camera, a small (or actually rather big) point and shoot camera with 1.2MP, that must be now around 10 years ago. At the same time, mobile phones were used to text and call, maybe you were lucky and had an alarm clock in it or even a 0.4MP camera. Few years later I got the first affordable DSLR with 6MP, a lot at the time and the mobile phones got better cameras.

Where are we now? Point and shoot cameras have more and more megapixels, the top end DSLR cameras go above 20MP and mobile phones, well they are now used to shoot commercials...
Such as the latest HTC One commerical that has been shot eralier this year over the Arizona desert.
The shoot was with Roberta Mancino (announced BASE jumper and skydiver as well as published model that has shot for Vogue Italy, Vanity fair, Rolling Stone and others) who did a fashion shoot in freefall. Photography studtent Nick Jojola was using the phone to not only film the jump for the commercial but also to take a photo with the phone.
Besides the challenges of the freefall and the speed (120+ miles per hour) there was also the callenge of makeup. It had to be perfect like on any other fashion shoot, and like on any other fashion shoot there were touch ups, this time though during freefall. Next challenge, the clothes, they had to withstand strong winds of speed up to 180miles/hr. The high heels Roberta is wearing during the jump weren't either the easiest shoes to land in thus after her first landing in the heels she ended up taking them off before the landing.

I find it amazing how fast digital photography has changed and am exited to see what the future brings.
Will more commercials be filmed and shot on mobiles?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

And now, the commercial and below the making... enjoy

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