Sunday, 1 April 2012

Another male fashion shoot


on Friday I did another shoot with model and artist David White.
We started of with some smoke grenade shots which however I cannot use yet as they might get used for publication but lets put it this way, it got real smokey indoors. After that we did some more editorial shots indoors as well as on the roof in beautiful sunshine.
I wanted a real soft look and using a lot of natural light and flares created by the sunshine. I used one flash as fill light to create some light on the face. Then I wanted to have some shots with a real dark blue sky and just some sunlight on David, various edits of this below.
The golden gas mask he was wearing gave a different look and feel to the images and the strong sunlight from behind helped to create the look I wanted on the first shots.
Besides the bad air after the smoke grenades indoors we had great weather and a fun shoot. Have a look below and see what you think.

I edited the shots as usual with Lightroom, however as there were quite a few shots that I really liked I thought for a change I arrange them in pairs with a bit of a frame. Besides that the images have not been retouched.

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Which is your favourite shot? Let me know below...

Have a nice day and thanks as always for reading.


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