Thursday, 29 March 2012

230 Faces

Welcome back,

Besides the sunny days in London I ended up for a small shoot of various facial expressions. The model was Saskia, another german stuck in London and we did the shoot at my place against a plain wall all lit up with one flash on the side and natural sunlight from the other side.
My idea for the shoot was from the begining to have it as a time laps video whereas Saskia wanted the a few images set together next to each other.

The entire shoot took less than 30min in which we got various expressions and shots, so it really was just point and shoot and with every flash change the facial expression a bit. The name '230 Faces' is because of the 230 shots I took and showing in the video.

I will show you the only the video version for now however might at some other point get in some of the images.

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