Friday, 9 March 2012

Fire Stunt

After a week in Germany I arrived today at 7am back in UK, headed back to London and got ready for a shoot.
Today I did a shoot with stuntman David Grant. The shoot took place on a big field and after getting a small stage for david to jump of I set up my lights and tested them before the stunt...
Then it was time for David to get all ready with protective clothing and gel before he then got set on fire.
Once ready it was 3,2,1... action and he ran of and did a sumersault of the stage all in flames before having someone jumping in with an extinguisher.
I used 3 lights to get enough light on David and to get the backdrop dark.
This time I have a small video for you shot with the GoPro camera with a few of the final images at the end.
Big thanks to all involved, stunt coordinators, safety backup and 2nd camera.

Enjoy the video


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