Monday, 26 March 2012

Sport clothing shoot


Its been great weather the last week here in the UK and last Saturday was no exception. Organised by Chloe Bruce we did a shoot in Basingstoke for an Americal clothing company.
First look out my window in the morning made me think... perfect weather for a shoot, blue sky and on top we had temperatures of about 10 degrees more than the average for this time of year, so with around 20 degrees it was great especially as the athletes had to model in t-shirts.
Once on location, some old building with great staircases and views I set up my GoPro to capture some behind the scene footage which you will see in the video below.
Idea was to get some casual shots of everyone as well as some action shots ranging from martial arts over to freerunning and breakdance.
The location gave some great spots to shoot and the athletes were great to work with. I worked most the time with 2 strobe lights to get the sky darker and to show some of the location as well. At this point I cannot show the final images as they haven't been released yet but here a small taster from behind the scenes.

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Would love to hear your feedback, do you want to see more of the GoPro behind the scenes videos or do you rather see the edited images on here?


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