Saturday, 23 April 2011

My weekend

Busy shooting the last days. After my boat shoot on Wednesday I had a day off. Then Friday morning I got picked up by my man Andy D from Method Works Production to do a behind the scene shoot for a documentary about 2 new film makers. After finishing at 5pm headed home and got ready to shoot at Amika, bad bad bunny ball, pictures soon to be seen as usual on Amika Facebook.
After a very short night sleep got picked up once again at 7:30 for day two of behind the scenes which just finished and to follow by another night at Amika.
Tomorrow, Sunday is a day to relax and edit the weekend shots so they are ready to be uploaded on Monday.
Monday then continues with sport shoot and Tuesday another behind the scene shots for a music video.

On top of that, I agreed on taking photos from now on for Street Fashion Blog (link will be posted once the first shots are up), it's an already existing blog that so far covers Paris and New York and soon London.

Come back next week to read about the sport shoots and see the first images as well as any other shoots I'm doing.

With that, have a lovely weekend everyone.

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