Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What makes a good picture?

So what makes a good picture? I am saying picture and not photo as this is in general for photos as well as paintings.
So what does it take? Is it the equipment you use, the location and or the model you working with? Well, in my opinion the answer to those two points is NO... Knowing that Picasso used a certain paper and colour wouldn't make you do the same kind of work, and a £10,000 camera even though great quality won't take a good picture by itself... so it is the artist and his/ her vision of any given object/ person.
Saying that, of course equipment still plays a roll, but mainly it mainly helps you to achieve a certain image quality as well as helping with the creativity such as motion blur or freezing a moment, depth of field or certain colours.

Having said all that, I thought I start again with some iPhone pictures after last years success of my picture of the day. This shows that you can use a simple camera and get some interesting shots, often even at places that most of us pass every day. Today I am taking you down into Londons Underground... The images have been taken on the iPhone with a 3mega pixel camera and then I edited them with PS Express which allows you to change contrast, saturation and exposure...

More iPhone shots to come again soon on here, it wont be pic of the day but i will show on a regular base some shots taken with the camera thats always with me so in a way the best camera...

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