Friday, 8 April 2011

Sun in London and another shoot

a warm welcome to the london spring. it has been a number of great days, nice, sunny and warm... perfect for some outdoor location shoots.
so on wednesday i met with a previous model of mine to discuss some ideas for shoots and made some use of the great weather for some nice simple shots, just the 2 of us and my camera... no flash or any setup.... love this black and white shot of porscha i got on the day...

one of the ideas we had for the next shoot (which ended up being the day after) was to play with some more edgy shots at one of my fav. locations (even though now security told us of to be on the top due to health and safety... but hey, we got some shots before)

so now that the summer is finally coming i see again a number of location shoots coming up, looking forward to some more days in the sun.

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