Sunday, 22 May 2011

Fashion Shoot


After 2 busy nights at Amika, I had a fashion shoot at Dizzyfinch Studios with stylist Federica Salto, MUA Alison Taylor, hair stylist Lewis Pallett and models Ariana and Erica.
As the shoot was part of an open day Dizzyfinch had, I had just under 1.5hrs to shoot...
The first shoot started with Ariana with 2 bigger outfit changes and 2 small adjustments and then finished the shoot with Erica. Lewis did some great work on the hair and so did Alison with the makeup.
Loved the designs Federica brought along and they were exactly what I was looking for in the beginning.
As I have been busy editing last nights work after the shoot, I only had time to upload the images from the shoot and have a quick look through in Lightroom and did some small colour adjustments but at this point haven't done any further editing but I thought I share some of the work with you. Some of the final images most likely will go onto my fashion page.
For the techies, I had a big octabox as main light, a softbox on the backdrop, hairlight and a big reflector on the opposite of the octabox to soften the shadows. I was shooting with the 70-200 as I love the sharpness on the lens and the zoom range allowing to quickly go from close up shots to medium length. Settings on f7.1-8.0, shutter speed of 1/125 and ISO 100-125.
Looking forward to hear your thoughts...


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