Friday, 6 May 2011

iPhone 3Gs vs Canon 5dii


last week I spoke about the importance of camera/ equipment vs the artist with the result that its the artist and not the camera that matters most....
While in the kitchen I had a look at some of the basil and parsley we got and thought I take a pic with my iPhone and after a nice shot I though 'Hey, lets try the same with my Canon...' to make it fair, I edited both pics with the mobile photoshop application, so images from both devices are more or less same file size. The only clue I give, the shot of the parsley was on my iPhone... and as I don't have a marco lens for the 5d I had to crop the shot to get closer.... I think, if its just a small picture you want, you can easil;y get away with the iPhone....

Looking for your comments to see what you think which image is from which camera.

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