Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Running shoot


Yesterday was another sunny day in London and I was lucky enough to have a location shoot. This time it was with sport and fitness model Dave. We wanted some edgy running shots as well some shots on the start blocks. I wanted to use my 3 point light set up for the shots to create the rim lights to create the look I wanted for the shots. To get the images as dark as possible to show the sky (where visible) I shot most the time on f14-18 and a shutter of 200-250 which was needed for the moving shots to avoid motion blur.
Light set up changed between the shoots, however often lights next to him as well as in front of him.

When working on the shots in Lightroom I really liked the black and white with strong contrast as they have a bit of a surreal look. Also liked the rim light on him that nearly was in line with the track lines. Besides colour and contrast editing I changed curves, exposure and a few other setting to get the feel I wanted for those shots.

Have a great week and hope to see some comments.


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