Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A weekend in Stockholm


after a busy week I went with a group of 9 others to Stockholm where Cafe Opera hosted Amika London and I went to take photos which will be published on Amika London Facebook
After a great night at Cafe Opera and a great set of DJ Remy Kersten we had half a day to walk around Stockholm and do a bit of sightseeing... I thought it would be a great opportunity to take some shots of the city. Even if the shots might not show the typical sights in Stockholm I really liked them.
The first 2 shots I took while we were walking down the streets and I really liked the shadows and the contrasts.
The shot of the kid looking through the fence at the construction was a real quick snapshot and I was happy that the setting was good as I had only a split second to shoot... I liked the exitement of the kid looking at the truck.
The shot of the roof tops I really liked as it was a dark sky (darkened even more in Lightroom)  and it made the houses shine in the sunlight. Another snapshot was the arriving tram with the sun behind it, the old tram and the feel of the picture only worked in black and white in my opinion. 

Let me know your thoughts.
Have a great week everyone


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