Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Last couple days... fashion, art nude and music video planing

Last couple days have been busy again and will stay busy over next few days as well.
Friday night started of with another night at the club taking photos, then on Saturday I did a fashion shoot with KC, was a struggle to find studio as it was a last min. shoot but ended up getting a small studio that did the job. First images from the shoot are at the bottom of this post.
Saturday night was then again another night at the club to follow by a Sunday full of editing.
Monday was then back to Kingston to meet up with NU-JAM to speak again about the upcoming music video... after the second meeting we now have a pretty good idea what we want and it looks like it will be a fun shoot... of course once its ready you will get the link here to see it.
After the meeting I then met with Johanne for an art nude shoot, originally we wanted to shoot in a studio on Friday however as she lives in Kingston we thought lets try and shoot inside... so used black bedsheet and 2 of my flashguns combined with black reflector to block some light.. So shows you can achieve some nice effects even with just some simple lights.

Next up, Girl band photoshoot for promotional material for upcoming Tour in Germany to follow by sport shoot and then Thursday edgy fashion shoot....

Now, here the pictures from the last 2 shoots...

those two shots have been edited, filters used: High Pass, Median, Curves, Saturation

 The following shots were only darkend and added contrast and changed saturation (in Lightroom)

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