Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Street Basketball


Another rainy day in London, so got some time to catch up with showing some work from previous shoots. Today, will be showing you a few shots I took a few weeks ago (when it was still nice and warm and sunny) with model and athlete Katya.
We had the shoot planned for a day earlier but than postponed it as weather wasn't good. A day after, sunshine and we met up last minute to do the shoot. We wanted some urban edgy sport/ basketball shots and I wanted to use this location which I have seen a few years ago. I liked the cranes in the backdrop giving it a industrial look and it was quite isolated so no to many cars came by so we were able to shoot on the street.
Looking outside now, I cannot believe that this was actually just a few weeks ago, warm enough to shoot in t-shirt and now its back to warm jacket.
The shoot itself was fun though due to the speed often not easy to capture. I realised that its best to capture the ball when it is touching the hand otherwise it quickly looks like the ball is just falling down. I had 3 lights set up plus a strong sunlight which I took advantage of. So one light was from the front on her face, 1 from the side and the 3rd was pointed down at her legs so that they didn't disappear in the shadow.
For the last few shots without ball I used mainly the natural light though on a few shots I had a small flash as fill light.
Images have been edited in Lightroom but not been retouched.

Big thanks again to Katya for a fun shoot.

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Alternative Fashion Week April 2012 London


This week has been the Alternative Fashion Week at Spitafields Market in London.
I have been there the last 4 days watching the models run around and taking pictures.
Unfortunately the weather hasn't been the best this year, first 3 days I went it was raining most the time and then some sunshine on the last day. Though the rain had one great advantage, it gave some great reflections on the floor plus managed to get some nice 'rainy' shots.
Besides the main attraction really is the catwalk, I spent my time away from the catwalk taking pictures of the models on the streets and against walls to get some fashion shots.
As always, Alternative Fashion Week shows a variety of great designers incl. Tonje Arnesen, Gemma Landing, Jade Davies, Bikini Fling and Geoge Strood. (If your designs are shown below, please feel free to message me and I will include your link here as well).

As the weather most the time wasn't great it was a bit harder to find dry spots to shoot besides the walls that were used by all photographers which I wanted to avoid this year.

Below is only a small selection of the images I took, to see more click HERE
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Friday, 13 April 2012

Art Nude shoot


hope you are well.
Had a number of shoots over the last 2 weeks so a few more blogs to come to show some of my latest work, but for today, I will talk about my last shoot, an art nude shoot with model Elle Black.
She has access to an old school where we did the shoot. After a tour around the building I already had some ideas in mind for different rooms, though to be honest there was so much more to do but time just wasn't enough.
First we started with a shoot with an old Victorian dress from 1901 outside the school building, luckily enough, weather was good so though we make use of it. I had one octa softbox on my flash which I used whenever the clouds covered the sun (so basicly every 2 min switiching flash on and off, change settings on camera and back 2 min later).

After the Victorian dress we went into one of the classrooms with large windows. Already on the tour I just thought of the image, standing in the window with the silhouette of her against the light. I was shooting on 1/200 with F2.8 and ISO 100 most the time against the window though changed shutter up and down depending on how much light I wanted on her. Had a reflector up however as the sun at that point was behind clouds the effect was non visible.

Next we went into the old indoor basketball court which was still set up for the last exam that took place at the school (there is a plain shot on my facebook wall here). The court with all those empty tables and chairs and the echo reminded of a Horror movie and thats what I wanted to show in my pictures. Had a few shots that showed the entire room though my favourite shots where real dark images lit with one softbox from the side giving just enough light to see her as well as a bit of the tables around her. Again shot on F2.8 with a fast shutter speed to get the darkness into the room yet to get the focus just on her.

Last room we used was the old theater with huge windows on the top creating a great shadow when the sun was out which I managed to capture towards the end.
Before that, I shot from the balcony down capturing her lying down on the wooden floor. To get some light I used again the octa softbox high up shooting down.

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Once again, huge THANK YOU to Elle for the shoot, great model and great location.