Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Band photoshoot, actor shot and Salon Prive


it has been  a while since the last post so now I have some catching up to do... so today some images of various shoots from the last few days.
First of, on Friday I did a shoot with actor and model Danny Parsons, idea was to get some more moody black and white shots. We had around 2 hours so we played around with various lighting, however one of my favourite set ups must have been the 2 light set up with light from behind and then some as well with a beauty dish above Danny. The image below is one of my favourite ones from the shoot and I think it works well in black and white.

Then the next then shoot was at Amika London with new Girl Band Monroe with the 3 girls Kelly, Katie and Katy and main makeup artist Nina. We had some great latex clothing and we wanted to have a more dominatrix feel to it. We shot at various spots in the club incl. in a cage. As some of the images will be used for a new online fashion magazine I can only show a teaser shot to show what kind of images you can expect at least from one location. On the specific setting below I had a softbox slightly behind the models as well as another light behind them to create more of a hot spot. An umbrella to my left gave the fill light on their faces.

Today then was a day out at Salon Prive, an exclusive car show at Syon Park sponsored by Amika. After a rainy start the sun finally came out and we had a chance to walk around and look at the cars. I found myself looking more at the details of the cars and doing close up shots rather than shots of the entire car. The 2 pictures below are of a blue Bugatti and the other one is an old Aston Martin. I actually think the rain added a nice look but I would like to hear your opinion as well.


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

mi phone travels


sorry for the long silence since my last blog... please accept my apologies.
So I am back in London after a week in Germany where I took photos of a wedding (and yes, I will post some of the pics soon for you to see) as well as some photos of a wine depot for their webpage... for all the beer drinkers under you, sorry, they only had wine, no beer

On my way back at the airport I saw some people reading the paper and thought that it would make a nice picture, so took my iphone and used the timer and tried to capture the view... once back in London and on the underground I was directly confronted with the same view again... people reading... so for the first 3 pictures here, a small series of people reading. Images were taken with the iphone and edited with one of my fav. apps, the mobile photoshop...
As for the last 2 images, I took them tonight, again on my way, this time traveling from Canary Wharf, here I loved the emptiness in the station that during peak times is absolute crowded.

Would like to hear your thoughts of the pictures and maybe if you got some travel snapshots post them on here or send them to my email together with your name and if I get a number of different shots I will post them on here... So get out your mobile phone and  take some pictures, if on the road, bus, underground... Looking forward to see some great shots from you all....


Series 1 - The Readers

Series 2 - Underground Silence

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fashion on the streets

Yesterday I did a fashion shoot with model Janine and new designer Anastasia for her winter collection. Setting was the back streets of Canary Wharf and with the evening sun going down we had some great natural light to work with.
To get the more vintage feel the designer was after, I shot most of the pictures with f2.8 to get the blured out backdrop. Towards the end of the shoot with all direct sunlight gone, we used one flashgun on a low power positioned of camera to still get a natural sunlight feel.
It was great to be able to use most the time natural light on a day were in the beginning it looked like we might have to call shoot of because of rain.
The images below are just a few of my favourite shots, again just edited slightly on Lightroom, changing contrast, saturation and exposure.

Big thank you to all involved.