Saturday, 26 November 2011

Male sport fashion shoot


on Monday I did another shoot with stylist Sam, Mua Liv and models Tom and Emeric. Theme of the shoot was sports though outfits were more fashion than sport.
When I got to the studio I saw the brick wall and I loved the texture of it so wanted to shoot there. First was light set up where I wanted a bit of an edgy and moody feel to it, so use of 1 softbox, 1 barndoors (some shots with blue filter) and one snoot, though I used it not as a hairlight but to throw extra light onto the face.
The shoot then went well, music was playing loud, the guys moved around and so did I to change the mood of the pictures a bit rather than changing the lights the entire time. Was fun and interesting to see to different models and how they use the props, one fitness model and one fashion model, giving the outfits two different feels to it.
I really like the Billiard outfit and was playing around a lot with lights, at one point having a red and a blue filter giving the picture a reall Pool Bar feel, however as the stylist wanted to keep the look quite similar throughout the shoot I changed it again after a while.
In post I then played around a bit with Lightroom, changing colours, contrast, curves and few other things to get different looks.

The rest of the week for me was a lot of editing from last weeks shoot as well as catching up with some other shoots. Next in line is an outdoor fashion shoot on Tuesday (if weather allows).


And here finally, the pics from the shoot

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Magazine shoot and others


first of all, I am now happy to share some shots with you I took a few weeks ago with model Diana. As we wanted to get them into an online magazine, one of the conditions was that the images haven't been published before... now that they are out in Issue 3 of Flawless Magazine I am happy to share some of the shots with you.
The shots we took on one of the last reasonable warm days in October on a rooftop, sun was out and gave a great light. I really wanted a cold feel to the images so overexposed slightly and used the sun as well as an additional flash to give a bit of extra light. The wind was quite cold but the flying hair in the face was great and I think ended up being one of my favourite images. All in all, real happy with the result. As always, it was a great pleasure to work with Diana who came once again with a huge wardrobe, glad we didnt had to go far to get to the location. The images that I will show at the end are screenshots of the tearsheets from the magazine, so unlike most shots in my blog, they have been retouched.

The next shoot I will write about today was a fashion shoot I did together with stylist Sam, mua's Liv and Chloe and hairstylist Lily as well as model Noelle from Oxygen and Kristin from BookingsModels. The idea was a futuristic shoot so Sam got the outfits and then we started with the backdrop. We wanted a simple backdrop with some wires across the backdrop. Then while the girls were in makeup I set up the lights. As we wanted the futuristic look I went for one blue flash from one side to give some extra colour while a beauty dish on my left created a nice light yet a little shadow on the face. Then one stripbox on the left to get some light from the side and one light on the background. We started at 2 at the studio and around 4 we stared shooting and finished just before 9pm. It was a long but good day with everyone being happy with the results. For me its now time to start retouching the images and I will get a few onto my webpage once they are done. Till then, here are some shots that are edited only, some colour correction, contrast and exposure.

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As always, a big thank you to everyone who made those shoots happen, its great to work with people like you.

And finally, for those of you who actually are reading all that here, the pics to look at...

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Another shoot


time for an update on my blog and get some new pics up again. Some of you might have seen already the shots in my short video on my facebook page.
So this time some shot of the shoot with Sol and Ana. Met the 2 girls who were in London just for a few days on holiday in the city and then we walked around. My idea was to shoot in the carpark where I was once before.. thought it would be reasonable quiet... I was wrong, well kinda... it was absolute empty with not a single car on top, perfect for a shoot.
So we took a number of shots up there and even though a cold day the girls did well getting some attention from the office buildings next door but throughout the shoot not a single car.
Was traveling light, so used only one flash off camera and shooting some with 24-70 and some shots with the 70-200.
Post production on the shots has been done as usual with Lightroom, changing colours, exposure, curves...
Anyway, have a look and enjoy


Thursday, 3 November 2011

BINTM live


thought I sent a small post about the BINTM (Britains and Irelands Next Top Model) live event from last weekend.
The show was at the EXCEL and was a great chance to see a great catwalk show.
I took a number of shots on the open catwalk of Joey Bevans show as well as a few behind the scene shots of the models getting ready to get on the catwalk (images below).
Then I took a few of the models and walked around a bit to take some shots on various spots, it worked great with the location and the outfits and even though I was limited to one on-camera flash I am quite happy with the results, bouncing flash against white wall helped for nice even lighting. However, at this point I wont show those pics yet on here.
The other highlight was the main catwalk show with the girls from the last season of BINTM which was great. I was sitting in the front and had a great view of the girls walking past.

Even though these aren't my usual shots here as they aren't from a shoot, I thought I share some.
Have a great week everyone.
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