Monday, 26 September 2011

Shoot with Girls Roc


first of all, sorry for a late posting of this.
Just over a week ago I did a shoot with 3 of the girls from Girls Roc at Amika London. The shoot was for portfolio and PR for the girls and Channel 4 was filming behind the scenes for a documentary showing how the Pop Culture today influences what teens wear.
After a few simple posing shots we went into the action shots with fire and grinder. It took a while to find the settings that worked well to show the girls as well as the fire. On the one hand you need a slow exposure to show the sparks, yet you still dont want the motion blur on the faces. On the other hand you had this huge light source - the fire ball - that again changed the exposure settings.
In the end I went for a 3 way lighting setup, 2 lights slighly behind the girls and one light behind myself.

The shots below have been edited and slightly retouched, mainly darkening a few areas. Main work was done in lightroom, changing contrast, saturation and curves.

Once I know when the documentary will be aired on Channel 4 I will post it on my facebook as well as on my Twitter @mostphotography, so make sure if you are on Twitter to follow me.
Have a great week


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