Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sport and fitness shoot

On Monday I did a sport and fitness shoot with model and dancer Diana.
In the beginning we were worried as forcast predicted rain for Monday but we had great weather all day long. We met at 10am and headed over to location equiped with a huge suitcase full of sport equipment and ended up shooting till 6pm.
We started of with some simple standing and running shots, then did some golf, volleyball, boxing, football, yoga, dance and fitness.
Most the time I used my 3 flash set up to get the look I wanted for the shoot.
The colours of the outfits Diana took worked well with the blue sky and with a bit of lightroom the colours pop out well.

The shots below were edited in Lightroom, incl. curves, contrast, saturation, colour mixer, exposure and some other changes.

Looking forward to hear some of your feedback.
Big thank you again to Diana for a great shoot.


Monday, 22 August 2011

'Vans Downtown Showdown' Skate Competition

On Saturday 20/08/11 I went to another sporting event in London, this time it was the Vans Downtown Showdown skate competition. The competitors faced 3 different challenges and after a rainy start into the day the big ramp outside dried up and allowed the skaters to go. As I came a bit later I missed the first part and for the 2nd part I didn't have the best spot, however with the last one I had a good view on at least one part of the ramp to capture some high jumps incl. Rob Smith 180 nose blunt from the top that gave him 3rd prize for the day.
Wee Man was as well at the event, however he didn't take part but he was still running around with his board.

The shots were all taken with my 40D as my main focus on this was speed and with 6 frames a sec. it enabled me to capture the movement. To get close I used the 70-200 and I was shooting with a fast shutter so there was as little motion blur as possible.

Se here you go. Any comments/ feedback welcomed


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Portrait session


On Monday I did a Pop Art themed shoot for possible publication (thus currently unable to post any of the shots just yet) however Tricia the mua did a great job and so did model Hannah, so a huge thank you to both. During the shoot we heard of the riots and even though all of us were worried we kept on and had some great shots at the end.
On Tuesday I then did a portrait session with 3 models, Alex, Jess and Margit in cooperation with David who will use a number of shots for some of his artwork.
For the first shots we used a plain wall and a 1 light set up and later used a second light to fill in. The last few shots we then took on the roof top, mainly used only natural light however on some shots had one flash on highspeed sync so that I was able to shoot on f2.8 and a shutter speed of up to 2000.

The images as usually on here were only edited in Lightroom, mainly changinging curves, exposure, saturation and contrast as well as few other changes to get the look I wanted.

As always, any feedback is welcome.

Friday, 5 August 2011

800m runner

Another shoot in sunny London.
On Monday I met up with 800m runner Robyn to do an edgy sports shoot at her local track. The weather was perfect and the sun helped the get the extra light in the background while she was lit by 3 flashguns to get the feel I wanted. The pictures then have been edited in Lightroom changing saturation, curves, colours, exposure and contrast.
Now I am thinking what I can do to even get more out of those shots... what do you think could be done

Have a great week


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

London Triathlon

Small update with some shots grom the weekend I took at the London Triathlon that took part in SE London. It was a last minute thing of me going there, got up early looked out the window and seeing the sun I thought lets go and take some shots.
Most the time I used the 70-200 lens to get closer to the action. I was expecting one big group to start at the same time rather than smaller groups ever 20-30 minutes but think due to logistics and safety they went for the smaller groups.

Anyway, here my favourite shots from the day, all edited in lightroom, changed contrast, exposure and saturation as well as playing with the curves.