Sunday 12 August 2012

Celebrating London 2012 Olympics and sport


wow, can't believe how long it's been since my last blog... SORRY.
Well, lots has happened since the last one... last time I blogged I was in Malta, and I got offered a job to become part of a new photography company here... so now I am based in Malta, made the move just a few days ago. Had a few weeks in London, and like most I guess, I watched quite a bit of the Olympics and thought now that the closing cermony is about to happen tonight to post some of my favourite sports shots that I have taken over the years including some shots of people who actually were competing to get into the games, however were unlucky and didn't manage.
Though the images are old and I guess some of you have seen the images already, here just a selection of my sports work.

Will try and update my blog again more regular now, guess will have some more landscape shots again soon.

So keep on coming and have a look at my new work.

Oh, and we have 2 more spots available for September Fashion Photography Evet/ holiday/ workshop... so if any of you are interested in taking part do email me here. Its a great way to get some sun as well as get some great new images for your portfolio.


Monday 25 June 2012

Edgy fashion shoot

Greetings from sunny Malta,

The time to the next fashion shoot event is coming closer, just over a week now till we get a number of models back in and it goes all busy again. Over the last few days we enjoyed the sunshine and on Saturday we managed to do a shoot. Model was makeup artist Roseanna who jumped for a change in front of the camera after doing her own makeup. We were shooting in the garage which has a long dark corridor and gave a quite dark look. To really push it we used two lights, one from the front with a blue colour gel and one from behind with a red coloured gel. Air was quite sticky as there wasn't any wind at all and floor and wall were real dusty which worked well for the look we went for, a dark, dirty look.

It was a bit of a challenge to work on such small space, standing upright didn't work, hiding cables so they aren't in the image and placing yourself between lights.

Besides this fashion shoot, we went on a small walk the other day and were shooting some landscape and close up shots of various things. I was shooting on both my Iphone as well as my SLR just to get a different look and angle. Below as well some of those images.

For more information come and check out my webpage or email me directly. For more information on the fashion photography events click here.

Any comments feel free to post below.


Friday 15 June 2012

Fashion Photography Holiday in Malta


hope all are well. Been a while since my last blog now.
So whats been happening since? Well, About 1 1/2 weeks ago I went to Malta to work alongside photographer Julian Knight on the Fashion Photography Holiday Workshop.
After no sleep I met up with 2 of the models 3:30AM in rainy London to head to the airport where we met our amazing makeup artist Roseanna Velin (her blog) After a 3 hour flight we arrived in the sun. Weather was great, blue skys, fresh air and around 25 degrees. From the airport we then headed over to the port to get the 25min ferry to the island of Gozo. On the ferry I realised how much I missed the blue ocean.
Once arrived on Gozo we went to the house, nice big house, amazing views and a pool (you can see some images on Julian's page as well as on my facebook).
First day was just relaxing. On Friday morning we then started with day 1 out of 6 of the workshop.
Roseanna did amazing makeup for Jackie, Laura and Alycia and we started shooting. During the 6 days we did various fashion shots around the house as well as on the rocks next to the sea.
It was great to set up lighting for various shoots to get the best out of the shots as well as creating a bit of a set around the locations such as the gas bottles on one shoot or getting all together for the pool shoot.

After the shoots it was looking through the images and all came with great results even Kate, a fashion designer who never shot before herself had some amazing shots. On 2 days we used some of her dresses for the shoots.

Just before the workshop ended Roseanna and myself then got asked if we wanted to stay till the next workshop and work again on the next one. Couldn't resist the idea of another 3 weeks of sun.
The next workshop is coming closer and am already looking forward to some more amzing shoots. If you want some great locations combined with great models and makeup and  get new images for your portfolio vist the webpage for more information. Hope I will see some of you there.

For more of my work visit my page and like my facebook. And for any enquiries feel free to message me directly here.

Here just a small selection of shots from the last week.

Have a nice week and greetings from sunny Malta.


Thursday 31 May 2012

Fashion in the park


greetings from Germany where I have been the last few days now. Just before I got here though I did a shoot with Jenna in the park. Before we started we got 2 hats for the shoot and then shot in the park. Weather was great, lovely blue sky and not to warm though it was very windy making the hats fly away from time to time.
We shot for a number of hours changing the tops and playing with the hats. Really like the shadow the white hat was throwing onto Jenna's face.
Most the time I was using my 70-200 zoom to get close up shots and to get the shallow depth of field I wanted for those shots. The images below are not retouched at all and just been slightly colour edited in Lightroom.
All in all I had a great shoot and besides a good shoot we had as well a good time in the sun.

Once more a big thank you Jenna, hope we will do some more shoots in the near future.
Next week I then will be going to Malta to a beautiful Villa to assist at a workshop. Last few spaces are selling now at a last min price, so any of you interested in a last minute shoot please email me.

For all other enquiries feel free to check my webpage, email me and check out my Facebook and Twitter for regular updates. Have a nice day and leave some feedback below.