Saturday, 21 April 2012

Alternative Fashion Week April 2012 London


This week has been the Alternative Fashion Week at Spitafields Market in London.
I have been there the last 4 days watching the models run around and taking pictures.
Unfortunately the weather hasn't been the best this year, first 3 days I went it was raining most the time and then some sunshine on the last day. Though the rain had one great advantage, it gave some great reflections on the floor plus managed to get some nice 'rainy' shots.
Besides the main attraction really is the catwalk, I spent my time away from the catwalk taking pictures of the models on the streets and against walls to get some fashion shots.
As always, Alternative Fashion Week shows a variety of great designers incl. Tonje Arnesen, Gemma Landing, Jade Davies, Bikini Fling and Geoge Strood. (If your designs are shown below, please feel free to message me and I will include your link here as well).

As the weather most the time wasn't great it was a bit harder to find dry spots to shoot besides the walls that were used by all photographers which I wanted to avoid this year.

Below is only a small selection of the images I took, to see more click HERE
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 to see more click HERE

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