Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Horse shoot - 12-04-11

another day of sunshine...
today i did a shoot with cat and 3 horses. idea was to create a black and white implied art nude shoot on a horseback... ok, it wasnt total nude but nude underwear so i will have to do some editing to cover up the underwear but for now i show you the unedited result of today.
i was told that i would only have a few seconds before the horses will start to walk away but unexpected they were real good and often even tried to get a bit more into the shot by turning the head towards the camera.

biggest problem faced really were the clouds that covered up the sun every few minutes makeing the lighting not easy and constant changing of shutter speed...
so unlike my last few shoots, today was only natural light, using apperature of 2.8-5.6 and shutter speed of up to 2,500, really shows you how bright it was at times.

so a big thank you to cat and her partner chris who was kind enough to provide the 3 horses... well done to all

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